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Add Value and Enhance Your Home with California Shutters

At North Bay Blinds we’ve partnered with top-name window covering manufacturers such as Graber, to bring you outstanding quality and design for your windows. If you’re looking for form, function and classic beauty for your windows, custom shutters are a great choice. Shutters will immediately increase the value of your home as they are considered permanent fixtures, and with the unlimited possibilities available today, you can’t go wrong.

Shutters come in various styles, from California wood shutters to café style shutters, and in materials such as wood and composite. Their clean lines compliment any style of décor, and they’re a great option when you want to control the light and privacy by opening and closing specific panels at a time, rather than the entire window fitting. They can also fold-up or slide outward, depending on your space requirements. And we can design your shutters in a number of natural wood colours and composite shades to suit your interior.

Tip: For specialty shaped windows made with arches, rakes and peaks, custom shutters are a perfect solution!

Call us to book a consultation to see if shutters are right for you!

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